Experience The Serenity Of Gibraltar On Your Next Vacation


After being seized after the Spanish expansion war, Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory known as the “Key To The Mediterranean.” The city nests at the southern-most tip of the Iberian Peninsula. The city originates from Algeciras Bay’s eastern side, while the narrow isthmus connects the city with the mainland in Spain. 


Top Tourist Attraction Spots In Gibraltar


If you are planning your next trip to Gibraltar, do some research before you land. Here, we have assembled some of the places you must check out when you visit the city.


  1.    Europa Point-Towards the southern point of Gibraltar lies the Europa Point. The point is famous because of the old lighthouse built in the nineteenth century, the beautiful Mosque of The Custodian of the Holy Mosques, and the ancient chapel of the Nuestra Señora de Europa. You will also find an ancient underwater reservoir known as the Nun’s Well and the restored fort built-in 1859 known as Harding Battery.


  1.    The Apes Of Gibraltar– The species of Morocco and the only wild animals living throughout Europe are the Barbary Macaques. Many legends believed that if the apes ever left Europe, then so will the British. However, there are more than one hundred and sixty species of animals surviving on the island. The upper rock area of the island has the Gibraltar Nature Reserve, where you can observe all the species. The park is famous for Ape’s Den, which is present in the park.


  1.    Gibraltar Nature Reserve And Cable Cars-If you love nature, you will love the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. Hundreds of birds of different kinds fly over to haul while migrating in between Europe and Africa. Forbes Quarry, St. Michaels Cave are some of the top tourist attractions in the park. The island consists of a variety of versatile flora and fauna and holds military importance.


  1.    O’Haras Battery-The highest point- Gibraltar’s highest point is four hundred and twenty-five meters and is worth a visit. In 1890, an artillery fortification was built in this place known as “O’Hara’s Battery,” which was proved to be useless by the military. The steep staircase will lead you to the island; however, it is quite a rough slog up to the top.


  1.    Watch Dolphins-If you are an animal lover, you can consider going on a dolphin excursion on your trip. A seventy-five minutes trip on a specially made dolphin view vessel will give you a view of more than two hundred dolphins swimming in the Strait of Gibraltar.


  1.    St. Michaels Cave- Among hundred and fifty caves on the island, St. Michaels cave lies about two hundred and seventy-four meters above sea level. The cave was first mentioned in AD45 and was the habitat of Neanderthals for more than forty thousand years. There are various legends related to the tunnel, one of which claims the tunnel to connect Europe and Africa.


  1.    Windsor Suspension Bridge And Gibraltar Skywalk- Skywalk is one of the famous tourist attractions in Gibraltar. The skywalk is three hundred and forty meters above ground and gives you a 360-degree view of all the sides without any interruption. 71Meters long bridge lies over a 50meter gorge giving you a lifetime experience of a breath-taking view of the sea and the landscape.


Other than these, there are a few other attractions like the Moorish Castle, Casemate’s Square, Great Seige Tunnel, and the Gibraltar Museum. Don’t forget to add these tourist spots on your list while on your vacation. 

Amazing Least-Known Countries In Europe

When it comes to international traveling, Europe is one place that you don’t want to skip. Thanks to the many tourist destinations and fun activities you can enjoy when you visit. From history, culture to landscapes, Europe has it all.

And when people think of visiting Europe they all think of the same destinations—Florence, Paris, London, Manchester, to mention but a few. Most people seem to put their focus on commonly known countries and places, which is exactly what my friend from Team Clean llc has told me for years.

However, this leaves amazing countries and destinations unexplored. There are amazing places that are yet to be discovered. This is because they are the least traveled. But beneath these places are amazing tourist attractions. When you visit, you’ll be blown away by the fun activities, and tourist attraction features hidden in these countries. 

If you’re a traveler who likes exploring beyond what most people find when they travel, we got you covered. This article will share the top countries that you should consider visiting in Europe with you. These are the least known countries, and they offer amazing features to their travelers. 

  • San Marino 

San Marino is one of the least traveled countries in Europe. But for history lovers, this is a must-visit destination in Europe. San Marino is a microstate located North of Italy. It’s one of the oldest republics in the world. And one thing you’ll love about it is their historical architecture that still stands in its original form. 

San Marino is the fifth smallest countries in the world. With so much in history, there are a lot of things to discover in this part of Europe.

  • Moldova 

Moldova was once listed as “the world’s least happy place.” But before accepting such mean statics, you should pay a visit for yourself. In fact, it’s good to find out why someone would dub this country with such a title. 

One thing is for sure. Moldova is not a country for anyone. It’s only suitable to people looking to leave their lives behind when they travel truly. The country is popular for ancient churches, wine tours, unspoiled countryside, and green parks. 

  • Macedonia 

Macedonia is a successor state of Yugoslavia. It’s a European country with a complex history that leaves its visitors amazed by different things that stand in this country. When you visit Macedonia, you’ll be able to explore serene monasteries amid ancient Lake Ohrid. You can stroll through the capital city, Skopje, and discover amazing features such as the Old Bazaar, home to the perfect souvenir and a relic of the Ottoman Empire. 

In short, if you’re looking for history, Macedonia is the place to visit. You’ll discover features that date to ancient times and amazingly stands to date. 

Parting Shot 

All the times we want to visit popular places on earth. And this leaves other places undiscovered. This is why some of these European countries are less known to leave alone being visited. But the most amazing thing is that these countries offer amazing features that can’t be missed.